The Irony of Fight Club


Fight Club is supposed to be the movie for our generation. Angry, deprived youth, robbed of their dreams, forcefed the proper way to live, the right destiny, the right “this is what you do” attitude…rebel.

The rebellion is supposed to be against the oppressors. Credit card companies. Employees. The system. The go to college. Get a degree. Get a shit office job. Make some cash. Get married. System.

The system is bullshit. The system works. And we are a slave to it.

But to seek liberation by becoming a slave to another idea? Humans enslave themselves. We make these choices. We evolved these great minds to only be enslaved by our own limits. By our own opinions and biases. By our own ideas. And the strength of an idea can be a testament to its survival even after its leader has died.

“Extremist” groups are only the ones that die out after the death of the primary motivator. The status quo is established by those who ensure themselves immortality by expressing a founding idea that is propagated through generation after generation. Natural selection of human ideas and human choice. It exists.

These angry men, the men who cook your food and take out your garbage, those men, are only slaves. Slave to capitalism. Slaves to Tyler Durden. Slaves to Fight Club. They haven’t freed themselves and they will never be free. The recipe to freedom is nothing human, and nothing we will ever learn from another human. Their recipe to freedom is only a recipe to your enslavement to them.


Hello world!

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